Bespoke Apple Tree Grafting Service

If you have an old/favourite tree reaching the end of its life or want to grow another of the same variety.
If you are moving house and want to take a “copy” of a favourite tree you have in your garden to grow at your new house.

Ideally, this should be pencil thin and new one-year growth from the ends of branches which is not old or twiggy.  Make sure it is from the branches of the tree not from the trunk below to avoid rootstock material.
Send us this in a clean polythene bag clearly labeled with the following information:

Contact details

Name of the variety


We will use this to graft a tree using material from the original tree so that it is an identical “clone” and should have the same fruiting characteristics as your original. 

We will contact you once a maiden tree has successfully grown in September. 
Each resulting maiden tree will cost £26.50. 

If you are interested in the service please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.